History of Fireworks in the Crescenta Valley

The Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce started the fireworks show in 1989. Needing a way to provide the resources the Chamber needed to promote the local businesses, along with being able to donate to the many schools and organizations that are a vital part of our community, the Chamber decided to bring to the people of La Crescenta a way to come together and celebrate a great holiday, and raise funds at the same time.


However, in 1992, the fireworks show ran into a problem. The Pyrotechnician in charge of the show left the site. Needless to say, this left a very disappointed crowd, (not to mention us) as there would be no fireworks. Money was returned to the audience, bills still had to be paid and the Chamber went broke.


In order to keep our doors open, members of the Chamber Board of Directors loaned the Chamber money, the office itself worked with an all volunteer staff. Court cases against the fireworks company took approximately two years, but eventually some of these losses were paid back. During those years after the “problem”, two individuals in the community took on the job of chairman for the show. Lou Fram, (owner of La Crescenta Pharmacy) and Warren Boehm, after Lou passed away.


After seeing what happened with the ’92 fireworks show, Chuck Hughes, a pyrotechnician for NBC and local resident, came to the chamber and offered his help. He along with some other great people from NBC produced the show for the next few years, including the choreography, with the “Pyrospectaculars Fireworks Co.”


Meanwhile, Chuck was building our own firing equipment. But his work schedule at NBC was requiring more and more of his time. He suggested our bringing in San Diego based Fireworks America, with this company we were able to order our own display, and give more fireworks for the money.


Fireworks America had a great Pyrotechnician by the name of Robert Hutchins, who happened to be a 1972 graduate of Crescenta Valley High School . His actual title is Special Effects Supervisor. Even though “Hutch” was paid by his company, he brought in a crew of members who needed additional training hours, paid and fed them to assist with this larger then average community show.


Along the way, the chamber brought in Kemsley Shows, a family-owned and operated carnival, which has been in business for over 50 years. Los Angeles County Fire, CHP and Crescenta Valley Arson Watch all donated their time. In the last few years, Allied Waste has donated all the dumpsters we needed for trash. Crescenta Valley High School donated their facilities, charging only for the janitorial services.


This show had one of the largest crews and two of the greatest pyrotechnicians in charge for the last several years. The combined experience of these two men is more than 50 years. They are top notch. We can’t thank all of those who have been a part of this event over the years enough. They were all so appreciated by the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce and Crescenta Valley Fireworks Association.

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